Sexual Assault

Facing a sexual assault charge is a stressful event and can have major repercussions if not defended properly. You may be experiencing feelings of embarrassment, shame, anger, and fear of losing your freedom, job, credibility and more. The Nimmo Law Group has defended clients and won cases by aggressively defending the rights and facts surrounding the case.

In California, the punishment for sex crimes such as sexual assault can be very extreme. Punishment for some sex offenses can be as serious as life imprisonment and it is not uncommon for convicted sex offenders to receive punishments in excess of twenty years or more. Not only can the sentences for sex crimes be significantly higher than most other criminal offenses, but conviction often requires a life time requirement of registration as a sex offender. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing you is a must.

There are very few crimes with a greater stigma than that of sexual assault, rape, or other sex related crimes. At The Nimmo Law Group, our San Diego sexual assault lawyers have been aggressively defending individuals in Southern California and Riverside counties for sex crime charges for over 30 years. We are not here to judge you – we are here to help you protect your freedoms and rights.

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