Fraud and White Collar Crimes

The Nimmo Law Group, premier criminal lawyers serving southern california, regularly handles significant economic and white collar crimes. These cases include charges of theft, securities fraud, cyber crimes, identity theft, embezzlement, forgery, stock fraud, corporate wrongdoing, and a variety of other similar situations. One thing these types of case have in common is that they involve detailed paper trails and volumes of documents.

Many times people are falsely accused of economic crimes. These situations require the services of a competent white collar crime defense attorney, and are typically business transactions or partnership relations gone bad. Many times the angry party causes criminal charges to be brought when the case should have been resolved in civil court or through negotiations. Many times the angry party intentionally omits material information causing the prosecuting agency to only understand one side of a definite two sided story.

Be aware that the fees in an economic or “white collar” case can be to very large because of the amount of time and effort they take to litigate. Usually the case has to been explained by showing a money and/or paper trail. The quantity of documents and relevant witnesses can be massive and can require a tremendous amount of document review, analysis, expert review, document acquisition, and investigation. The ultimate hearing, a jury trial, can bankrupt all but the most funded clients. It is for this reason that early intervention and reasonable settlement strategies become important. Also, unlike days past, the penalties are getting stiffer for these “white collar” cases. For a person who is used to business, family, and freedom, going to prison for several years is a drastic consequence.

Bill Nimmo has a series of excellent results from these cases obtaining misdemeanor pleas, no jail time, and dismissals. After hiring a skilled San Diego white collar crime defense lawyer, the key is to learn the case quickly, understand what the likely consequences will be, set a case strategy, and execute that strategy quickly. Several times, despite powerful business accusations, Bill Nimmo has been able to convince the prosecutors that the charges are no more than a business dispute or an honest miscalculation of the market.

Business people tend to be confident and enthusiastic. Sometimes this characteristic which makes them successful also makes them overextend themselves and experience business failure. Unfortunately, when a business fails, people who lost money complain. Many times prosecutors who are not familiar with the trials and tribulations of business, put too much faith in the word of alleged victims and they end up pursuing criminal charges. Expert analysis and enthusiastic advocacy by a trusted and respected criminal defense lawyer can set them straight.

Bill Nimmo has handled many white collar crimes throughout his career as a criminal attorney. The following are a few examples of his results:

A major recycling facility in Los Angeles, California was accused of over 160 violations of environmental regulations involving changing bills of lading and improper disposal on used oil shipments. The shipments came from San Diego to a recycling and disposal facility in Los Angeles. After lengthy presentations and negotiations, the District Attorneys office decided not to file the criminal charges.

A trucking company owner was charged with fraud and theft from his business partner in the establishment of new trucking venture and the purchase of several semi trucks.

The prosecution alleged a number of fraudulent acts, including manipulating paperwork so the defendant could obtain several trucks free for his own separate trucking business. Convinced our client was guilty, the prosecutor ignored our pleas to meet and look at the vast amounts of evidence we had accumulated.

One key piece of evidence that the defense uncovered was that the partner accusing the defendant had a severe alcohol problem. The defense strongly suggested that, because of this dysfunction, the complaining partner absented himself from the business and only complained when he lost his assets due to business misfortunes.

Finally, after the preliminary hearing, and because of points made in the cross examination of the alleged victim, the prosecutor began to view the evidence more openly. Ultimately, by providing the prosecution with certain key pieces to the puzzle, the defense was able to convince the DA’s office to dismiss.

A foreign medical doctor charged was with a theft of over $50,000. Upon payment of restitution and explanation of the extenuating circumstances the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and the doctor served no time in jail.

An insurance agent was charged with forgery and theft from an elderly person. The client was accused of forging a deed giving her full ownership of a property jointly owned with a 90 year old woman. The prosecution handwriting expert determined that the signature on the deed was not the signature of the elderly woman. The co-defendant was a notary public who allegedly conspired to fraudulently notarize the transaction. The defense hired an ink-aging expert to demonstrate that the notary transaction had occurred when our clients claimed it happened and had not been backdated fraudulently. Cross examination of the 90 year old woman showed her to not always tell the truth. The clients were given misdemeanors and no time in custody.

A young man was charged with embezzling $16,000 from a hotel. While out on bail awaiting disposition of that case he embezzled another $50,000 from another hotel. The District Attorney offered 3 years in prison. That offer was rejected and at the beginning of trial the defendant pled guilty and received probation.

A medical doctor was accused of over prescribing a large quantity of vicodin to a woman who committed suicide by overdosing on the drugs. After lengthy talks with the prosecutor the District Attorney’s office decided not to file charges.

The key to these cases is to get a lawyer on board quickly to analyze the situation and set a strategy. Setting a strategy early can result in a tremendous savings of money and potential time in custody. In fact, the minute you sense that there is a potential situation, or if you hear that an investigation is proceeding you should retain counsel. An investigation means that no charges have been filed and that provides a skilled lawyer the opportunity to stop the filing of a fraud or other white collar crime.

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