DUI Charge

There is a great deal of difference between lawyers who regularly practice routine DUI cases and those who handle serious accidents involving an underlying DUI. Routine DUI cases are much easier to handle and those DUI lawyers develop techniques for contesting the field sobriety tests, the credibility of the officer, and the blood alcohol results. Since they are not so serious, you may have a chance of winning a jury trial even if the jury feels that you are guilty. Understand that this is absolutely not the case if there is a major accident and serious injury or death. If you need a qualified criminal attorney in San Diego, DUI attorney Bill Nimmo understands there are good lawyers all over San Diego County. Our firm will be happy to give you a recommendation if we are not available to handle the case.

If, on the other hand, you are involved in an alcohol related accident with death or serious injury you need to find an different type of lawyer. Our firm regularly handles these more serious cases involving a DUI with accident, injury or death. The consequences can be major and the juries are not so liberal in applying proof beyond a reasonable doubt just because they liked the defendant and thought the officer was lying. When you have a victim who is injured or people who have died from an accident where you are charged with drinking while driving you have a serious case on your hands. These are typically charged as DUI with accident or injury, gross vehicular manslaughter if there is a death involved, or even murder if the drinking and driving is extreme.

These serious cases involve a far more serious analysis of cause and usually require experts in accident reconstruction, eyewitness reliability, and other various topics of forensic analysis. So if you are looking for a regular San Diego DUI criminal attorney we are probably not the firm for you. We are, however, familiar with the experienced DUI lawyers in San Diego and will be happy to give you a list of qualified attorneys.

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