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Case Histories and Results – William F. Nimmo

William F. Nimmo is a prestigious criminal defense lawyer in San Diego.

The following are samples of case histories and results that Bill Nimmo has obtained for his clients in trial or through negotiation. As you will see, these are outstanding results that demonstrate both his talent as a renowned criminal defense lawyer in San Diego, and also his dedication to excellence.

Throughout his career as a criminal lawyer, Bill Nimmo has represented clients in a multitude of cases ranging from murder to sexual assault. These examples are only a small sample of the clients he has represented and the fine results he has obtained in his 25 plus years of defending people accused of criminal conduct. Furthermore, Bill Nimmo has been lead trial counsel on over 70 major felony cases.

This list doesn’t include the hundreds of cases settled favorably through plea bargains, cases dismissed by effective motion work, cases not charged or dismissed because of defense work and persuasion, and many other favorable verdicts.

Bill Nimmo has regularly represented people from all walks of life from factory workers to corporate executives throughout his career as a criminal defense lawyer in San Diego. His client list is confidential but it includes many doctors, lawyers, and business men and women.

Case List

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