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Bill Nimmo is an award winning criminal defense lawyer home based out of the city of Vista, in northern San Diego County. His home turf is the four Courts of general jurisdiction for criminal cases in San Diego. Those Courts are Vista, Downtown, South Bay, and El Cajon. In addition he regularly handles larger matters in other counties such as Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.

Bill Nimmo has developed a reputation for top notch handling of criminal matters for those accused of crimes whether they are major trial cases or smaller cases to be negotiated and settled. He has been practicing for over 30 years and is considered in the top rung of criminal defense lawyers anywhere. His trial results are legendary and he has won numerous awards for his work up until the present day.

Bill handles cases of all sizes and consequences. Many of the cases in the system don’t need to be fought all the way to trial and need to be negotiated. Having a lawyer with the trial experience and trial record of Bill Nimmo helps because he knows quickly the true “value” of a case and prosecutor’s respect him. This helps tremendously in getting a favorable settlement for the client. Not everybody is innocent and many people just need to have their situation explained so they don’t look as bad as the facts or their records seem to show.

If you have any criminal case, whether you are innocent, grossly over charged, misunderstood, or you just need to get a good deal, you should consider Bill Nimmo. He has a reputation among the DA’s(the prosecutors against you) for excellence and integrity, and he has a reputation among his present and former clients for open, honest communication, and absolutely effective representation. As a client you can trust Bill Nimmo to build a relationship of trust and confidence with you and to fight hard to get you the best result possible. Need a loan? Get personal loans offers in minutes from LendingTree.

Criminal Case Types

William F. Nimmo
Serving San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Bernandion for over 30 years. Winner of Lawyer of the Year, Trial Lawyer of the Year, and San Diego Best Lawyer. more

San Diego Defense Lawyer

Bill Nimmo has gained substantial experience in the following topics and issue areas found in general criminal law:

  • Domestic violence
  • All homicide and violent crime issues
  • Reducing murder to manslaughter
  • Self defense
  • Fight or flight syndrome
  • Deadly weapon incidents
  • Complex injury medical issues
  • bruise ageing and body mark analysis
  • Frearms and ballistics
  • Eyewitness misidentification
  • Eyewitness reliability
  • False accusations
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Vehicular accident reconstruction
  • Fingerprints and DNA identification
  • Handwriting and document analysis
  • Psychiatric and mental state defenses
  • Impact of drugs and alcohol on mental state
  • DUI issues
  • Addiction and drug rehabilitation programs
  • All sexual assault issues
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